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Fast Lane

The road to weight gain is a fast one. I consider myself a “successful dieter”having lost almost one-fourth of my body weight and keeping it off for almost 2 years. But fat can come back with a vengeance and the arrogance of being a successful loser lulls you into complacency to “bring on the pounds anyway I can lose them easily”.

I do have that metabolism, one of the unlucky ones who gain weight from eating a spoonful of rice. So, once again, I call on the diet gods (and stay I way from Midgie Cajayon’s and Ria Henares’ Food for the Gods -best in VA and DC, respectively), as this renewed effort to get out of this Life in the Fat Lane fast requires divine intervention.

A favorite prayer of mine which I ran into when i was just about 13 years old.

Give me strength, O Lord, I pray
Help me make it through the day
Deliver me from snacks and sweets
Keep my mind off high-cal treats
Tempt me not with French cuisines
Bid me flee soft-drink machines
Turn my eyes from ice-cream bars
Stay my hand from cookie jars
Til’ I’m back in shape again
Hang in there with me, Amen!


Imagine, 30 years ago, people who wrote poems like this chose to remain anonymous. Here we are today, announcing to the world, “I’m fat and marvelous and going on a diet!”


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