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Cabin Fever

I must admit that it has been quite hard to get rid of my pre-vacation-après-holiday-peak-of-winter weight. I couldn’t sustain the weight loss from my last post. I may be finally experiencing what other may call diet fatigue. It is day 878 of my very liberal 17-Day Diet so I guess, it was bound to happen. Being stuck at home for the past two days because of the winter storm does not help either. But 3 lbs in 2 days? How? First of all, MIL (Mother-in-Law) is a pretty good cook and is constantly excited to have us at home all day and available for feeding. Then I watch all these movies and that begs for snacking opportunities. Then there’s the shoveling and house work. Ok, so that is supposed to make you lose weight, but you justify eating for all the activity forgetting the basic tenet of dieting: Calories Consumed < Calories Burned. Maybe it’s about time to live a little more on the edge. Maybe on day 1000. Maybe this is just a simple case of cabin fever.


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