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Falling Off the (Blog)Wagon

So I stopped posting… for a loooong time. Well it was more of a writing slump than a diet setback. Or was it?

The trip to the Philippines last November did not do me any good. My spirits rose as much as my weight. On the week before I left for vacation, I proudly hit the 60lb weight loss mark at 130! After one week of home cooked meals (three times a day and did I tell you that all meals come with rice?!) I was back to my longtime average of 135. The trip to Bangkok was not of much help either. Yes, I ate a lot of fruits but eating pomelo and guava and green mangoes in the middle of the night (complete with that Thai dipping powder!) was destined to be evident on the scales. Two weeks after we got back was the start of the Christmas Season. Need I say more?

I peaked at 145 after New Years… Just 10 above my longtime average but it was still 15 more than my lowest weight and 18 above normal BMI. I fell of the the Blog Wagon and ate all the way down the hill. It’s the start of February, back to 138. Whew!

Pomelo Salad (Bangkok)


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