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Tags and Sizes


Naturally, when one goes on diet, the closet gets a makeover too. I used to wear XLs and XXLs or Size 16-18. But as I started shrinking, I had to buy clothes in smaller sizes. This was an expense I was not prepared for. There is a notion that going on a diet is expensive. It usually involves purchase of specialty food, and specific moderately expensive ingredients. But with my current diet, no special purchases were necessary (except for the Greek yogurt stash in my fridge). The expense came after seeing my empty closet.

Shopping for new clothes, although a very pleasing and extremely rewarding endeavor, was not in our budget. The advantage of fitting in a smaller size is that there are more clothes that fit. No need to rush the purchase. Unlike when I was a size 18, if I found something that fit me well, I’d buy it in different colors since I didn’t know if I’d be able to buy another one of the same style again. I had to buy new underwear too! What surprised me though, was my new bra size. Popular belief has it that you will go down in size with weight loss… But it is also possible that even if your circumference gets smaller, your cup size may increase. That’s what happened to me! I was a 38B now a 36C!

Last year, I gave away over 10 trash bags full of clothes of varying states of use. Some of them were well-loved, others still had tags on them. If I did the math on the cost of all the clothes I had to get rid of, I might have been tempted to keep some of them in the attic. You know, just in case the diet didn’t work or just in case I gain weight again.

But these “just in case” thoughts constitute premeditation. It’ll doom your diet to fail. It’ll give you comfort to rebound.


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